Fabio Del Greco is an intriguing figure in the world of cinema. Filmmaker by education, passion and experience – but his latest production gives the impression of amateur fun. Even the creators admit that the form of movie was sacrificed for creative freedom.

Shot from „Employee’s mystery”.

Giuseppe Russo seems to lead an ordinary life. We follow his daily routine for a relatively long time so we can understand that he is a „typical Russo” – literary everyman.

Shot from „Employee’s mystery”.

One day, an old VHS tape gets into Giuseppe’s hands. The man discovers that there is recorded the image of his own life. The problem is that Giuseppe does not remember that somebody recorded him. At that time, there was no camera next to him, but after many years he can watch recordings of his youth. He would like to watch the VHS with his wife, but when they both sit down on the sofa in front of the TV – the picture disappears…

Shot from „Employee’s mystery”.

The idea was lofty: to force people to think, provoke the awakening of society. It is true that we are controled all the time. The development of technology serves but also threatens. We do not even realize that so often we really have no choice in the sphere of our alleged freedom, and we are doomed to already existing solutions. Economics, politics, religion – great mechanisms and foul play, which we do not understand, and sometimes even do not see.

Shot from „Employee’s mystery”.

An interesting idea is to use authentic materials from the private archive of director. When we watch Giuseppe’s mysterious VHS tapes, we actually see Fabio Del Greco in 1987 and later.

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